Secure payment

In order to provide you with the most reliable payment security possible, we have chosen to outsource our credit card transactions to the Banque Populaire website.

With the Systempay service, when you opt for online payment, you are automatically redirected to a secure page by Banque Populaire (SSL encryption). The information you enter on this page (the number and the expiry date of your bank card) are known only to the computers of Société Générale, which will ensure that your credit card is valid (no opposition, no numbers error ...). Thus, the information provided is not known to the staff of, or any other user.

When you are about to enter your credit card numbers, a small padlock is displayed at the bottom of your padlock browser. It tells you that you are in a secure area and that all the information you enter will be encrypted.

Every day on the Internet, it exchanged several billion euros paid by credit card, without the slightest problem! At, we make every effort to satisfy your trust.

With our partner Banque Populaire, we answer your last questions about the operation and security of transactions during a purchase:

Are traders with the Systempay system reputable?

The risk of fraud on the Internet can indeed come from the dishonesty of some traders, offering for example hidden forms of subscriptions. Regarding the traders using Systempay, they all have an account at Banque Populaire and have been accepted on the Systempay payment system based on eligibility criteria, to ensure good commercial practices and their financial sustainability, so that each package ordered is delivered well.

Systempay secure payment, what's the point?

This allows you to make your purchases on the Internet by using your bank card in a secure and confidential way by the Banque Populaire, being assured that your transaction is registered by a real shop, offered by a merchant with all the confidence of the Banque Populaire.

Will my card number not be used fraudulently?

With Systempay you will need to enter your card number, it will never circulate in clear on the Internet, and will not be transmitted to the merchant site at the time of purchase, but to the Systempay server of Banque Populaire. It will not be stored on this server when the payment is finished.

Is there any special software?

No, most browsers available today include SSL encryption as standard. You have no particular installation to perform, your browser will automatically switch to secure mode, at the time of payment.

How to check that I am in secure mode?

The URL (or Internet address displayed in the "address" window of your browser) that is used in SSL starts with "https" and not "http". In addition, a pictogram representing a key or a padlock padlock will appear during these exchanges. Finally, the menu "information on the page" with Netscape Navigator or "Internet option" with Microsoft Internet Explorer allows you to know the precise identity of the site to which you are connected.

Why does not the security symbol appear in some cases on the payment server?

SSL is supported on the majority of browsers however, on older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (3.01 and before), and Netscape navigator 1, it is normal that this symbol is absent because the exchange can not be secured by SSL . It is best to download a newer version of your favorite browser. In multi-window mode, some browsers do not display the safe pictogram because not all windows are encrypted. However, the payment window is secure.

How much does it cost ?

Secure payment costs you nothing, it's a completely FREE service for consumers!